Tis’ the Season to Sign

Travel Nurse Holiday Assignment

October is almost over and November is near! If you’re a Travel Nurse on the hunt for a holiday assignment,  now is the perfect time to sign.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, the first thing you need to do is contact your recruiter as soon as you can.

Location. Location. Location.

Whether you’re looking to hit the ski slopes, celebrate in the city or wander somewhere warmer, picking just location can be a struggle, especially with so many destinations to choose from in locations nationwide. If you’re stuck in a location rut, don’t worry. Lucky for you, your recruiter will know just what to do, which is why you should reach out to them as soon as you can.

Discuss Your Options

When discussing your options, it’s important to compare each potential location by weighing the pros and cons. You’ll also want to ask about factors including housing options, location popularity,  travel allowance, cost of living, seasonal weather conditions, hospital reputation among travelers, pay and so on. And, if you’re still a little unsure of which assignment to choose, ask your recruiter what they suggest you do. They are experts and your most valuable resource, after all.

Decide. Then, Sign.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, it’s time to sign! Remember, the sooner you book the sooner you can plan for your holiday adventure ahead.

Contact Your Recruiter Today!

Are you interested in learning for about our current travel nursing opportunities for the 2016 Holiday Season? Find out more at www.pprtravelnursing.com!


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