Transitioning from Perm-to-Travel Nursing

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Are you a Registered Nurse (RN) looking for adventure and a chance to grow your career? Start a new adventure as a travel nurse!

Ready to hit the road? Wait! There are a few things to know before you make the leap into a travel nursing position and leave your perm job behind.

Find a Reliable Recruiter!

It’s okay if you’re feeling excited, nervous or a little unsure. Whether you have questions or need direction, finding the right agency and a reliable recruiter is the first thing you need to do. Be patient and ask lots of questions. If you feel like an agency is not providing you the right support or your recruiter is not looking out for your best interest…run! There are hundreds of recruiters out there, sometimes even with the same travel nursing agency. Just whatever you do, don’t settle.

Have a Location in Mind? Get Licensed!

Before setting your sights on a particular state, make sure you can get licensed in time. Depending on the state, licensure can take upwards of a month to obtain, which an issue is considering most facilities prefer travelers to start within two to four weeks from the time you sign.

Make Sure Your Certifications are in-Check!

Depending on your specialty and the hospital’s specified requirements, you may need to obtain additional certifications before you are eligible to sign. You recruiter is a tool you should use in getting all of your certifications in check and making sure the ones you have are correct.

With the right recruiter, required licensure and correct certifications in hand, you’re ready to make the first big step towards transitioning your career from perm-to-travel nursing!

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