Travel Nurses on MTV…Well, I Never Heard of Such a Thing

Travel nursing must really be hot right now or why else would MTV, of all places, produce a feature about nurses who take a job in an unfamiliar city for only 13 weeks. While we know that nursing is a really great career, don’t nurses just work in one place for years and years and years? Evidently not!

The new show is called Nurse Nation and follows nine twenty-something travel nurses as they start new assignments in different cities. Thirteen weeks in a new place, new hospital, new experiences. Some are first time travelers—others have done this a while. The nurses will be shown both at work and during their leisure time.

The great thing about travel nursing is the variety of places a nurse can go—Florida, Maine, Alaska, California, Hawaii—you name it, travel nurses have been there. I know of one couple who are nurses who have traveled the country in their RV moving from place to place to place. They move their “home” with them along with their dogs, cats, and parrot. They have pretty much seen most of the United States while getting paid to do so.

Of course, there are not a lot of travel nurses who carry their domicile with them. Most either have the companies they work for find apartments for them or take a housing allowance and find places on their own. Whatever they choose, they still only stay, on average, 13 weeks.

The nurses usually are on duty for 36-hours per week—unless they opt for a 48-hour week assignment. Figure that out and it comes to having lots of time off to enjoy whatever the area has to offer. If you take an assignment in Arizona, go see Grand Canyon. How about Connecticut—not that far from either New York City or Boston. Want to see the Yankees or the Red Sox play—go for it! Or, how about Florida? Disney World, Universal Studios and all those beaches beckon you.

So…if you want to see how travel nurses face the challenges of new units in new hospitals in new cities, tune in to the MTV show, Nurse Nation. You might get the idea that travel nursing might be for you!!