15 Travel Spots To See Before You Go Perm!

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So you are ready to start traveling, but don’t know where to go? Let’s us help!!! We have put together 15 states/places that we think you MUST try before hanging your hat up in a permanent job.

Many have amazing hospitals that are super traveler friendly, while others are just rock star locations with a ton of stuff to do while on assignment.

Here is our list:

  1. Vermont – Home to sixteen large hospitals – Brattleboro Memorial has proved to be a favorite with travel nursing. Nurses ranked it as especially friendly, open to skill expansion, and high staff morale. Vermont is known for autumn splendor, low violet crime rate, and stunning resorts.
  2. Delaware –Travel nurses are welcomed at Beebe Medical Center. Rated as accepting of travel nurses, its location by the beach and nearby affordable housing catches the attention of nurses. Steeped in history, great place for history buffs to explore.
  3. Massachusetts – The Boston area has 17 top ranking hospitals and medical centers. Tons of great restaurants, activities, and history.
  4. North Carolina –Asheville hospitals cover most adult procedures which makes some of these ideal for a traveling nurse looking for experience. Steeped in early American history and old mountains of beauty plenty to see and do after work.
  5. Colorado – The Rocky Mountains are high and so are the hospital rankings. Most towns are within an hour of a good hospital. The area hosts skiing and backpacking activities.
  6. South Carolina –In Charleston, you will find premier resorts, amazing restaurants, and tons of historic activities.
  7. Oregon – Portland extends the welcome mat for traveling nurses. One of the best cities for food and cultural activities, as well as being a great city for the nurse who loves the outdoors.
  8. Virginia – Inova Hospital System gives Southern hospitality to nurses and patients. Its building appeals to the artist in many and the low nurse to patient ratio says how much they appreciate their employees and patients. And the best part, you are just a train ride away to many other great locations in the area!
  9. NY – Everyone has heard of the big city but much more exists in New York than that. Exploring New York’s rural areas gives a whole different perspective of the state. Lots of great landscapes, places to explore, and great hospitals for travel nurses.
  10. Alaska – Not too many large cities, but Alaska is one of the friendlies states, especially to strangers. There are wildlife cruises and land tours along with snow activities…all which make for a good weekend.
  11. Rhode Island – RI hospitals are said to be a nurturing environment for travel nurses, with a focus on patient care. Rhode Island is known for its fiery spirit and there are plenty of activities for travel nurses to do.
  12. Arizona – Known for its openness to expanding skill sets, hospitality, and fair treatment of travel nurses its sets precedent for other states. Native American lands predominate in Arizona so one can explore them to their heart’s content. The Grand Canyon with its activities can fill a weekend and such a beautiful state for travel nurses to explore.
  13. Hawaii – What can you say?? It is HAWAII!
  14. Florida – The beach, Disney World, your hospital and you all in one place. Tons of beaches, outdoor activities, sports, etc. Florida has a ton of hidden “treasures” for travel nurses to see.
  15. California – The Pacific Ocean, Hollywood, and the Redwood Forest for the weekends. California has everything a travel nurse could want. Tons of great rated hospitals and plenty of contracts for every specialty.

So let us help you explore these states! Contact us today to learn more! www.pprtravelnursing.com.