Ask a Travel Nurse – Q&A with Allison Jones


Discover the reward in travel nursing! Find out what Allison Jones, RN, said about her experiences on assignment over the past two years with PPR Travel Nursing!

Top travel nursing assignment location

“Charleston, SC wins for favorite location hands down!  Amazing weather, great food, and close to the beach!”

Favorite memory on assignment

“My fondest memory would be meeting and making what have become best friends on my first assignment in Charleston, SC.  When my contract was expiring, the staff there threw me a going away party at another co-workers house, and knowing how much I meant to them was an amazing feeling!”


Advice for first-year travel nurses

“Ask questions! Ask anything that you are thinking, it is probably something you need to know.  Also, at your assignments, ask coworkers about the local area and what to do, make friends!”

What it’s like to work with a travel nursing recruiter

“My PPR Recruiter is hands down the best!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  I know that I will get quick responses from her, she will email, call, text, whatever is easier for me with my work schedule and is also really thinking about my best interest as well!  I have referred many people to her because of my great relationship with her!  I look forward to emails and communication with her!”

The scariest part about new assignments

“The scariest part is the unknown, you have no idea what you could be walking into at a new job.  But In all of my experiences, I have learned so much!  I have to say that I have more amazing clinical experiences than I ever thought I would!  I have also made such amazing friends and connections that I otherwise never would have made without PPR and travel nursing!”

Why PPR Travel Nursing?

“I would recommend first-time travelers to PPR because of the great recruiters and team members!  I have never felt uncomfortable or uneasy to ask a question, even if I felt like it was silly! I have felt like part of a family!”

How to apply for a travel nursing assignment

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