August Treasured Traveler Winners!

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We are stoked to announce the August Treasured Traveler winners are Tamara Robison, RN and Wendy Beck, RN!

Here are some words from their recruiters:

Tamara has been a traveling nurse for many years. I had always enjoyed working with her, but in the beginning she worked with many recruiters and we didn’t get to know each other better until she took a few consistent contracts with PPR. Since early in 2014 Tamara has continued taking contracts only with PPR and it’s that loyalty and dedication that I simply must nominate her for treasured traveler. She is by far one of the most organized people I know – she great with credentialing & paperwork, obtains all her own evaluations after each contract on a reference form she created, and the detailed information she obtains from a phone interview should be used by everyone! She is not only an exceptional nurse and a hard worker, but she’s fun to work with, and acts as a great resource for new nurses looking to travel. In one of her more recent contracts, we were having a hard time with receiving payment from the hospital – there was a ton of on call and call back hours and everyone was using different means to track the time. Tamara was instrumental in helping PPR sort out the time sheets and billing errors and almost single-handedly helped us collect 8-9 months’ worth of payment from the facility. Talk about a nurse going above and beyond!

I really can’t say enough great things about working with her! Tamara, thank you for ALL that you do – as a nurse and as a traveler. We are very, very lucky to have you in the PPR family!

Lindsay Graves – Recruitment Manager – Senior Healthcare Recruiter


Wendy has traveled with PPR for the past 4 years in the ICU. I absolutely love working with Wendy! When I think of a true traveler-I always think of Wendy! She loves to go to new places for the new experience that each travel assignment brings. Wendy has traveled all over the US with PPR and usually takes a month or so in between assignments to go do some traveling on her own. On her last sabbatical she went to Australia and in a few weeks she is on her way to Europe! Wendy is a wonderful nurse that is always asked to extend by each hospital she travels to-her patients definitely love her! Everyone here at PPR loves to work with her-she always has her paperwork and time sheets in when it is supposed to be. Wendy is a perfect choice for our traveler of the month!

Mandy Maloney - Recruitment Manager – Senior Healthcare Recruiter


Congrats Wendy and Tamara from the entire PPR family! Enjoy your pizza!