Benefits of Travel Nursing with a Family



What’s keeping you from trying travel nursing – your spouse, children or pets? Why not pack your bags and bring them along?

Believe it or not, travel nursing is a great opportunity for Registered Nurses with families—big or small! From health to housing, travel nurses receive a slew of benefits, perfect for professionals with families or not.

No hassle housing

The process of moving to a new place can be intimidating, especially when you aren’t sure where to stay. Travel nursing assignments often include housing as a complimentary benefit. You can’t beat free…especially, when you have a family to feed!

Bring your pets

Pets are part of the family too. Leaving them behind for months at a time is not an option. Not to worry…they can come too! Just don’t forget to pack leashes, toys and treats!


Health matters

Health is always at the top of every nurse’s mind, especially after caring for patients all day. Like permanent nursing jobs, travel nurses receive similar great health insurance benefits.

Taking a family on assignment

Travel nursing is an extraordinary opportunity to go wherever you want with your loved ones by your side. Check out what Mike, a PPR Travel Nurse – RN, said about traveling with his family on assignment!


Want to find out more about Mike’s experience? Visit our ‘Traveler Testimonials’ page at

Find a family-friendly assignment – available nationwide!

At PPR Travel Nursing, we work to put you and your family first. Ready to pack your bags and experience travel nursing with your family? Contact us today or apply online!

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