December Treasured Traveler Award Winners! Final two of 2015!

It has been a great year and we are so happy to honor our last two treasured travelers for 2015 – Melissa Dawson, RN and Alison Wiers, SLP! Here are a few words from their recruiters.



Alison started as a Clinical Fellow at Falcon School District in Colorado Springs this Fall. She moved all the way from Ohio, which is usually a difficult process, but she was on top of everything and made our jobs so much easier! She is always a pleasure to talk to and I am so happy to be working with her this year. Thank you Alison, for being a great addition to PPR! Congratulations on being named December Treasured Traveler!

Melissa Pic


Congratulations  to Melissa Dawson, PPR’s December Treasured Traveler!

I am  excited that Melissa Dawson is our Treasured Traveler of the Month! Melissa is truly an amazing person and nurse.  She is appreciated by her patients, co-workers and PPR! Melissa is getting ready to begin her 8th contract with PPR.  She is loved everywhere she goes!  On numerous occasions I have received emails about her exceptional work ethic, attention to patient care and all around about what an amazing teammate she is.

It is not often hospitals has time to reach out to us with such great feedback. The fact  that this has happened MULTIPLE TIMES is just one of the many reasons why Melissa is deserving of this award.

I am lucky to be your recruiter, Melissa! Below are just a few of the sweet words I have received about the wonderful job you do to help others:

  • Melissa is such a great team player, she goes way of her way to helps other staff nurses, is often heard asking if anyone need helps and, the care she does with her patient’s seems outstanding!
  • When I am in charge I am glad she is working with us. I know I can count on Melissa.
  • Melissa’s professionalism shines!
  • What could have been an awful night ended up being pretty good because of Melissa’s assistance and excellent nursing skills!!!

Thank you Melissa for all you do. PPR is lucky you are a part of our team!


Congrats to both of our winners!