February Treasured Traveler Winners!

It’s a first for us….we actually have a travel team that won this month’s Treasured Traveler!!! Meet Liya Rodovskaya and Jordan Flage!

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Here are a few words about this awesome duo from their recruiter Kayla Canan:

Liya and Jordan are a force to be reckoned with. They are currently on their 3rd assignment with PPR yet seem as though they have been traveling for years. Not once have they caused any doubt or concern about getting things done that are required of them. They always stay on top of hospital deadlines, timesheets, expiring credentials etc. Believe it or not, just a couple months ago Jordan actually flew all the way out to Colorado from his assignment in Virginia just to get a required certification renewed!! That right there is the definition of being dedicated. In addition to being tremendously efficient, every hospital they have worked at has raved about their professionalism and steadfast ability to care for their patients. Both Liya and Jordan have been the recipients of patient and doctor DAISY nominations from their most recent assignment. A DAISY nomination is given to those nurses who are recognized as dependable, positive, showing initiative, skillful, supportive, and always wearing a smile. I have had the pleasure of meeting these two in person and witnessed firsthand exactly why they have received these multiple nominations. Between their undeniable dedication to their careers and PPR, I am excited to say congratulations to the both of you for being our February treasured travelers of the month and thank you for giving me the honor of being your recruiter.

Congrats Liya and Jordan!