Fun Places to Travel with your RV

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Working as a travel nurse is more than a job; it is a calling. There are many ways that individuals choose to live the life of a travel nurse. Some of these people live with family and friends during their travels, others prefer to stay in hotels. However, one way that a person can choose the travel nursing life, yet still maintain some semblance of a permanent home, is by choosing to drive and stay in an RV.

If you are already using your RV as part of your travel nursing life, or you have considered leasing or purchasing such a vehicle, here are five great destinations (with travel nurse positions potentially available) that you might want to check out.

Boston, MA – While a city as large as Boston may not seem like the place full of RV amenities, it is actually an excellent place to call home—especially if you do not mind a short commute. The suburbs of Boston offer a number of possibilities for RVers. Choosing the Boston area means you have access to history, culture and nature—all just a short drive away.


Nassau Bay, TX – Want to escape from cold winters, live the lake lifestyle and still have a major city AND beaches just a short drive away? Nassau Bay, Texas, is calling your name. This beautiful town is just outside of Houston, but you will feel like you are in a whole other world. If you love the great outdoors AND do not want to stray too far from city life, this is the ideal place for you to live in your RV and find a place to work, too.


Portland, OR – Those who love the great outdoors will certainly want to check out the opportunities for living and working in the Portland, Oregon, area. Hiking, biking, swimming and fishing are all within reach, and there are plenty of places for you to park your RV and call home for just a few days, or even months at a time.


Winston-Salem, NC – North Carolina is a beautiful state and Winston-Salem (and the surrounding areas) is a great place to go explore during your off hours. The city boasts a historic district, Wake Forest University and nearby nature adventures. Whether you love culture, the great outdoors or just a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Winston-Salem may be the perfect place to park your RV and enjoy your stay!


Austin, TX – On the other side of Texas from Nassau Bay, you will find Austin. While it is the capitol of the state, it has a quirky, offbeat feel of a much smaller town. There are many RV facilities in town as well as short drive away. This is the perfect place to call home (temporarily) if you love food and fun! Plus the music of Austin has become a real attraction to artists from around the country.


Now that you have some excellent ideas about places you might like to travel and work, why not check out what opportunities are currently available at PPR Travel Nursing? Your dream job could be just a few clicks away. Find a perfect job and get ready to take your RV to new places. That is the beauty of the travel nurse life!

Oh yes, you might have some other great places to take your RV. We would love to hear about them. Please feel free to share!!!!