Furry Friends Are Travelers Too!

How does traveling with a pet work?

Do I have to leave my pet at home if I travel?

Should I bring my dog with me?

These are all great (and common) questions we are asked everyday when it comes to traveling with pets.    Whether you take advantage of the paid, private housing benefit offered, or take a housing stipend, the answer is yes; you can, and should bring your dog or cat with you.

About 50% of travelers have pets!  It will probably come as no surprise that dogs are the most common travel companions, followed by cats.   But we have seen birds, snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters and even a pot belly pig!  No kidding!

When traveling with a pet, we would recommend you account for a pet deposit or a pet fee.  These can run anywhere between $100-500.  In addition, some complexes charge monthly pet rent.  Some other tips and advice might be to bring treats, food and a toy your animal recognizes so they realize this is their new home.  For dogs, definitely bring their bed and/or crate.

At PPR, we take care of all of these expenses for you on the front end, and then set up a nominal payroll deduction over the course of your assignment.  We make it easy and convenient!

Your pets are part of your family! There is nothing better than coming home (to your home away from home) to your furry little friend.



photo PS – This handsome guy is named Henry. :-)