Go with the Flow…I Mean the Season

Want the best contract for your travel experience? Well, nurses who have been traveling for a while understand that the best assignments change with the season—along with the leaves.

In the summer, more jobs are available in the Northeast, Northwest, Northern California, and Texas. The reason? Snowbirds tend to return back to their cooler climes in the summer meaning that there are fewer patients in Southern hospitals. Texas is the exception—maybe people in Texas just don’t want to leave. It becomes harder to find those great assignments in Florida, Arizona, Southern California, Montana, and Wyoming. And, unless you have been taking jobs in Alaska and are a known traveler, it may be difficult to work in the 50th state.

What does this mean for you? Well, flexibility becomes essential. You may want to start thinking “out of the box”, geographically speaking.

There are travel assignments available in interesting locations that may offer bonuses and acceptable pay rates. You might want to investigate places such as Massachusetts (lots of history here), Connecticut (near both Boston and New York City), Washington (beautiful scenery), and Northern California (vineyards galore). There are some really neat places you may not have considered to include in your travel nurse experience.

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go with the flow