If You Can Travel, Then Travel!

I remember chewing my bottom lip nervously as I stood at the front desk of an Extended Stay hotel, waiting my turn, and hoping against hope that I made the right decision.  Deciding to pursue travel nursing was a huge deal to me – it meant leaving my family, my town, familiarity, and mostly, my comfort zone.  I remember walking into my “hotel” room – my home for the next three months – and feeling overwhelmed with emotion.  The realization that I was in a new city by myself knowing no one, was daunting.  Fear of the unknown; one of humanities greatest struggles.

Something in the back of my mind kept tugging at me, however, through all those waves of emotion.  Insistent. Nagging almost.  It reminded me that this opportunity I found myself in, was ridiculously awesome.  I had a chance to see this country (for free! really), meet so many new people, become a better nurse, and grow as a person.  That’s when the fun started.  Besides loving my coworkers, developing a fondness for the hospital I work for (corny, I know), I have gained a confidence in my profession I didn’t have before.  I feel ready for whatever is thrown at me – whether it be in the ED, or in life!  I have torn up this little town of St. Louis – seeing all I can see, meeting everyone I can, and immersing myself in every crazy experience St. Louis offers.

Three months down the road, I can honestly say that that nervous girl biting her lip, made the right decision.  Every experience is what you make of it.  This is the lesson I’ve learned.  If you can travel, then travel.  Stretch yourself.  Do what scares you.  Live.  My travel hound, Kaydas, cannot wait to keep exploring this great country.  Happy travels!

Kiersten Crabtree, First Time Traveler
PPR Travel Nursing