June Treasured Traveler Winner – Thomas Bowes, RN!

We just wanted to congratulate Thomas Bowes, RN on winning our Treasured Traveler winner for June!

Here are a few words from his Recruiter Jennifer Malzacher:

Thomas Bowes is such a fantastic nurse and traveler for PPR. He and his wife Ruth began their journey from Alvarado, TX to Medford, Oregon back in November 2015. He has been working on the Intermediate Care Unit of Asante Rogue for over 6 months as a traveler. He is the most kind and generous person and nurse and PPR is lucky to have him on board. We are so happy to have someone of his character and skill represent PPR when he walks through the doors of Asante. Thank you, Thomas (and Ruth!) for everything that you do and for being so wonderful and gracious and hard-working.

This picture is of him doing magic – Thomas has many talents!

Thomas Bowes2