Make Travel Nursing Your New Year’s Resolution

Dec_27 - BLOG TN - New Years Resolution (1)

The New Year is almost here, and there is no better time to commit to growing your nursing career!

Step up your professional future, and start 2017 with opportunities in travel nursing. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should make a career in travel nursing your 2017 New Year’s Resolution.

Career Growth

As a travel nurse, you have the unique opportunity to work with different patients across locations nationwide. Through exposure to diverse facility settings and patient cases, travel nursing is a great opportunity to broaden your skills while learning new things!

Financial Perks

Not only can traveling take your career to the next level, but also set you on the right track towards financial freedom. Travel opportunities include financial perks beyond just great pay. Some travel nursing opportunities also include tax-free allowances, generous signing bonuses, and sizable completion bonuses.


Why wouldn’t you want to see new things while furthering your career? Imagine having the opportunity to work wherever you want and whenever you want, while growing your experience at the exact same time. Travel nursing is an opportunity that truly allows you to “have it all.”


With the ability to take-off and travel on your own terms, travel nursing allows you to choose what you want to do. If you budget right, you can take time off in between assignments whenever you like.

Job Security

Nurses are needed no matter where you are. No, literally. Hospitals and healthcare facilities use travelers as a temporary solution to fill employment needs within hospitals and healthcare facilities. You can find travel nursing opportunities, right now, within any of the 50 U.S. States

Are you make a career in travel nursing your New Year’s Resolution? Get started! Fill out a quick application  or visit to speak to a recruiter today!