May Treasured Traveler!

Congrats to Rebecca Walker, RN for being this month’s Treasured Traveler. Enjoy your pizza party!

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Here is what makes Rebecca so great:

“I am absolutely inspired by Rebecca Walker, her attitude, and her adventures. She is a smart and determined nurse. Rebecca was interested in traveling as a nurse, did her research, and made it happen. She knew this was something that she wanted to do and took a leap into the unknown! It can be overwhelming as a new traveler learning all the ins and outs of this industry, but she handled the process with such ease. Like a seasoned nurse that’s been at it for years! Her attitude is amazing – positive and open-minded. Rebecca has this calming nature that I know must be appreciated in Labor & Delivery and nursing in general. I can only imagine that her presence as a nurse would make any team mate, patient, or family member feel good. I’m willing to bet that Rebecca gets along with everyone. Her excellent references would suggest I win that bet!

Rebecca, I am so glad that you chose PPR and myself to work with. I am honored to be your recruiter. Thank you for making PPR look good wherever you go. I so enjoy watching you soak up every bit of fun that this new lifestyle has to offer!” – Betsy Meek, Healthcare Recruiter.