November Treasured Traveler Winner!

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Congratulations to Bonnie Watkins for being our November Treasured Traveler! Here is why Bonnie is so awesome….

“Bonnie is the quintessential PPR travel nurse. She has successfully completed 17 travel contracts with us since she started traveling with PPR over 6 years ago. Not only is she a PPR advocate & cheerleader on Facebook, but she is also incredibly loyal, consistently refers awesome nurses, and she just GETS traveling. She knows every assignment comes with its own set of challenges, and she takes each in stride, using her positive, can-do attitude to make it all work. Everyone at PPR who comes into contact with her says she’s a delight to work with, and it’s true! In addition to being an amazing traveler, she also has a passion for nursing care. She truly cares about her patients and their well-being. Every evaluation I have received from her supervisors describes how she is a tremendous patient advocate and always goes above and beyond. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her over the past several years and I am so proud to acknowledge Bonnie as November’s Traveler of the Month.

Thanks for all you do, Lindsay”