Picking a Popular Assignment Location

popular travel nursing locations

Whether you’re a seasoned travel nurse or going on assignment for the first time, picking a location isn’t always as simple as it seems. If you find yourself on the fence or stuck with a lengthy list, here are a few factors and logistical issues to consider before picking the location first on your list.

For top locations like Hawaii and New York City, desirability comes at a cost, especially if the location is in high demand. With popularity comes assignment setbacks including deflated pay, more competition, less flexibility and limited availability.

However, popularity doesn’t have to hold you back, and traveling off-season can often serve as the perfect solution. Furthermore, by traveling a less popular time of year, you might be able to achieve better pay and boosted opportunity. Start by talking to your recruiter about all of the locations you are considering. Ask questions and be prepared to be more flexible, if the location is somewhere you really want to go.

Why wait? Discuss your options and the best times to travel with a recruiter today. For current availability or to search openings by location, visit www.pprtravelnursing.com!