Puppy Loving Stress Relief for Nurses

stress free

Studies in hospitals reveal that cuddling therapy animals at work help nurses lower stress hormone levels, blood pressure and heart rate.

Pet Pause Program

Rush University Medical Center is testing an approach with a new program at its Chicago-based facility coined Pet Pause. Sessions are open nurses, doctors and other staffers during work hours to play with dogs from a local shelter. Rush has built on a similar program started a few years ago at the University of Pennsylvania.

One graduate student at Rush commented, “I could feel the big sighs coming out of me when I was with the dogs, so I know that just coming to this has made by day less stressful.”

Pediatric Pet Therapy 

Pet therapy has been used in children’s hospitals and long-term care facilities for years. The focus has been on patients as opposed to staff. But, if it makes patients feel better, why wouldn’t it work for nurses and doctors as well.

So, hats off to Rush and University of Pennsylvania for having “Pet Pause” for staff. It shows they care about caregivers as well as patients.

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