September Treasured Traveler Winner!

Congrats to this month’s winner – Danielle Pitts – RN. We are so lucky to have her as a part of the PPR family.


Here are some words from her Recruiter – Tina Akins.

Congratulations, Danielle!! I am excited you are PPR’s Treasured Traveler for the Month of August, you deserve it!

You are truly apart of the PPR Family and each hospital you join is lucky to have you as part of their team during their time of need.

You have such a wonderful outlook on life and always go above and beyond. You have amazing heart and it comes thru in your patient care and friendships.  I love the way that you reach out to new travelers, talk to them about concerns, and become instant friends with others. I am lucky that you have selected me to be your recruiter and friend during your travel journeys. Excited to see what is next in your future!

Here is what makes Danielle so special to PPR -

Danielle has been working for PPR Travel Nursing since April 2014. She’s is on her 7th assignment with PPR. . Danielle is such a great PPR Employee and PPR Ambassador on the Road. Danielle has been in two cities we have hosted meet-and-greets, each time serving as a city host. She helped us  set up venues, played tour guide  and made the visits fun and successful.   Danielle is always willing to meet a new friend, give advice and help answer questions that first time travelers have. Just recently she reached out to a new traveler to help her figure out where to live, answer questions about travel nursing and showed her around town.