The Life of an L&D Travel Nurse


8_22 - BLOG - TN - Life of an L&D Nurse

Every nurse I know that is fortunate enough to get a position in Labor and Delivery loves to help women work (and I do mean work) through the laboring and birthing process. Witnessing the miracle of new life entering the world—seeing the formation of new families or the re-forming of established ones—is not something just anyone gets to be a part of.

But, now add the exciting experience of seeing new and different places to practicing in one of the best jobs in nursing. What do you have?

An L&D Travel Nurse!

Most travel assignments last 13 weeks or close to three months. And, assignments are offered in all 50 states, in small, medium and large cities/towns, and in all different sized hospitals. You pretty much have your choice of working in an L&D that has lots and lots of deliveries or just a couple hundred in a month. Plus, the salary ain’t bad either.

Your week isn’t just working, though. Depending on the location, you can go to the beach, hike on a nature trail, eat at a fancy/local/specialty/ethnic restaurant, visit a historic site, attend outdoor concerts or just simply enjoy seeing new places and trying new things.

So…if you want to have your babies and enjoy where you are doing it, think about looking into travel nursing.

We would love to help you do it.

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