There is an app for that…

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Never thought we would be saying that in terms of nursing, but low and behold nursing has entered the world of mobile apps.

Since 2012, nurses have been adding apps into their daily routine and some hospitals are even providing smart phones to their nursing staff, making these apps accessible to all.

There are a lot of great nursing apps out there, but a few seem to stand out among the rest. has compiled a list of the top 10 Nursing Apps around.

  1. Voalte (
  2. EpocratesRx (
  3. Nursing Central (
  4. Infuse (
  5. MedCalc (
  6. Perfect OB Wheel  (
  7. RN Notes (
  8. Nurses Pocket Guide (
  9. Skyscape Nursing Constellation (
  10. Live Nurse App  (

So tell us…do you use nursing apps and if so, what are your favs?