Time to Get Ready for Winter….Yes, We Know It’s Still Months Away

Snow covered trees

Want to get a jump start on that great travel assignment that begins in late fall or early winter? Well, if you want a job in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Southern California, or any of the skiing capitols of Colorado, Montana or Idaho, you’d best start early. These jobs go really, really fast. And, by fast we mean in a matter of hours and, certainly, not longer than a day or two.

The best way to get a “leg up” on the competition is to stay in close communication with your recruiter and let him/her know that you are interested in a “Winter Destination Location” assignment. You also need to make sure all your paperwork is current—this means licensure, certifications, physical, immunizations, skills checklist, OSHA testing, etc. are up-to-date. And, everything is on file with your travel company.

It is also important to be willing to work a flexible schedule. Remember, several holidays occur in November, December and early January. Hospitals are looking for travel nurses who are open to staff those days that everyone wants to be home with their families.

Another factor to consider is that pay rates may be a bit “flat” and bonuses may be fewer than for assignments in less desirable locations. And, housing costs may be higher.

But…you have the opportunity to travel to great locations with great weather (sun in the South and snow in the ski areas).

PPR Travel Nursing recruiters are the best at working with travelers that want those “Winter Destination Location” assignments. They can guide you through the steps so you can get “winterized”. Contact us today!