Top Apps for Travel Nurses on the Go

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Use your smartphone to travel smarter! Apps like Waze, Yelp and GasBuddy make it easier for travel nurses on the road. To help you with all of your travel challenges, here are our favorite iPhone and Android apps for travel nurses on the go!


Although most phones come equipped with Apple Maps or Google Maps, Waze is changing the game. This app tells you where you want to go as well as everything else you could ever want to know while traveling on the road. The app will alert you with updates on approaching traffic jams, speed traps, road hazards and optional route suggestions for stress-free navigation.

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It’s easy to lose track of time while you’re having fun and traveling. Stay on schedule with Nursegrid – the “first calendar built for nurses, by nurses.” Nurse grid allows you to organize your schedule and view who you will be working with from shift-to-shift.  This scheduling app also features group and/or private user messaging, making it easier than ever to discuss and/or swap shifts.

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Hungry? In the mood for a particular treat or just something good to eat? Yelp is an app and website that allows you to search local dining, shopping, and accommodations from the convenience of your tablet, smartphone and laptop computer. You can also browse customer review as well as search businesses based on user rating.

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Rest Stops Plus

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Rest Stops Plus is a great resource for when you’re on the road and you got to go!  The app features over 4,000 welcome centers, turn outs, service plazas, scenic vistas, and rest areas in the USA as well as Canada. You can also read up the location specific services and amenities available at each rest stop location. Searchable amenities include pet-friendly stops, vending machines, RV dumps, picnic tables, Wi-Fi and more!

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Best Parking

Don’t worry about parking! Show up to your assignment fully prepared with Best Parking – an app that located the cheapest and most convenient parking….and really, really quick! The app features facilities in 105 cities and 115 airports nationwide, and that’s not all! If you receive bad data, they’ll gift you a $5 Starbucks gift card!

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Save your gas money and get where you need to go on the cheap with GasBuddy – an app that guides you to the gas stations with the cheapest pumps! You can even narrow your search by city or zip code. for cheap gas by city, zip, or postal code. And just as an added perk, the app gives users the chance to win $100 daily. The more you use the app, the more points you gain that are needed to win!

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