Top Travel Nursing Myths Revealed


It’s time to set the record straight for travel nurses nationwide by revealing the truth about the most common travel nursing myths. Keep on reading as we debunk fib by fib!

You must move after EVERY assignment

Although most travel nursing assignment lasts no longer than 13-weeks, there are often opportunities for travel nurses to “extend.” If you travel to a facility and fall in love with the location, let your recruiter know! As long as a need exists, there no reason why you can’t remain traveling in the same facility, city or somewhere close by.

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ALL assignments last 13 weeks

As previously mentioned, yes, most assignment last around 13 weeks. However, there are some exceptions. If you are looking a lengthy or shorter stay, start by asking your recruiter about your options. And remember, be flexible. The fewer preferences you have, the more opportunities you will have.

You’ll NEVER see your loved ones

Depending on the hospital, radius rules can prevent nurses living within a certain radius from applying to local facilities. However, this is not always the case. If you are considering an assignment closer to your home, contact your recruiter to discuss your options. Even if you can’t work directly in the same city, maybe there is an assignment close by or there is nothing wrong with planning your assignments with a little more time in-between.

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Travel nursing is best for single professionals

Whether you are a couple or a family of four, in most cases, you can bring your loved ones along! After all, traveling together is a great way to connect and make memories with those you love the most. Many travel nursing companies also offer immediate health insurance benefits for spouses and children.

No pets are allowed on assignment

Traveling without your furry friend doesn’t sound fair or fun! Thankfully, you can bring your dog or cat with you on the road!

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Traveling will weaken your professional credentials

Travel nursing offers a unique experience and invaluable exposure to unfamiliar locations, facilities and patients backgrounds. There is nothing like the unknown to make you a better, stronger and more experienced nurse.

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