Travel Nursing Orientation Uncensored

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Your first day of orientation is almost here! To help calm your nerves and resolve unresolved questions here are the answers to the 4 most common FAQs when it comes to Travel Nursing Orientation.

How do orientations differ from facility to facility?

The bigger hospitals tend to have more structured and official orientations – where they have set dates and times – maybe every other week or only once a month. These tend to be longer and you’ll find yourself surrounded by many other travelers from different departments, some of them may even be Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.

The smaller hospitals tend to have a more “on the fly” orientation – you may report to HR, but you’ll only spend a few minutes with them getting a badge before they walk you down to your unit where you will do the majority of the training. Remember that YOU know how to be a nurse, all you are doing during orientation is learning the ways of the hospital and where everything is.

Do I get paid for orientation?

Yes, when you walk into the hospital, the clock starts! – Did you confirm this?

How do I track my hours for orientation?

They should be explaining how their timekeeping system works – if you are going to clock in/out or if you are going to use a paper timesheet. Many times we will know ahead of time how they process timesheets, but they should explain all of this during orientation. The most important thing is to find out how the hours are transmitted to your staffing company. When in doubt, always fill out your timesheet and ask for someone to sign next to each shift that you work!

What do you tell you travelers to bring to orientation?

Come prepared. If arriving in business casual, bring a pair of scrubs in case you do go to the floor. Other items you will most likely need include:

  • Copies of your State Driver’s License or I.D. Card
  • Copies of your Nursing /RN Certifications
  • Copies of applicable licensure
  • Pen & Notebook in case you need to write things down
  • Phone or contact info of nurse manager/director who performed your interview
  • Timesheet

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