Smart Packing Hacks


Packing is a pain, but as a travel nurse, it’s practically part of your job. Before you hit the road or jet set off to your next assignment try these smart packing hacks:

Don’t Over Pack

Don’t let the stress of not knowing what to pack, overwhelm you. If you’re a chronic over packer, lay out what you think you need and only bring half. Remember, what you don’t bring can always be bought.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Forgetting things is the worst, but we’ve all done it. Packing lists are a great way to prevent leaving things behind. As previously suggested, lay out all the things you think you need to bring. Add items to your list that you left off and check each item as you go.

Get Organized with Labels and Bags

Protect your clothes and keepsakes from messes and spills with one-gallon storage bags. Next, label each bag using a permanent marker for pristine packing perfection.

Prepare for the Worst

Weather condition can’t always be predicted. Be sure to pack in preparation for the worst kinds of weather to protect you from the wind, rain, heat and/or snow.

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