Travel Nursing Tips for First Day Jitters


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Do your nerves churn before each new travel nursing assignment? Or maybe you’re a brand new traveler with no idea of what to expect…don’t fret! Registered Nurse and PPR Travel Nurse Amber Hazard shares her tips for curing first day jitters in preparation for your next assignment.

Expect the unexpected.

You never know what it’s going to be like until you do it. You will feel all sorts of emotions, and whatever they are, just know every other traveler has felt them too.

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Go with the flow.

People will try and knock you down.

People will make you prove yourself.

You might even feel like this was all a big mistake. It wasn’t. You will take care of a patient that will make it all worthwhile. You’ll be in the right spot at the right time and be the right person for someone in need.

You’ll see things you would never have seen if you had stayed in your own town. You’ll meet people you would never have met.

first day jitters - flow


You’ll grow…no, you’ll blossom.

Encountering cities and people and oceans and mountaintops you might have gone your whole life and never seen.

These are the things you embrace. These are the things that keep you moving forward.

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Still nervous? Share your concerns with your Travel Nursing Recruiter!

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