What Nursing School Doesn’t Teach You

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Textbooks can’t teach you everything. Just ask a nurse.

Nursing school can’t prepare you for the reality of death or caring for difficult patients. Those are lessons that can only be learned from experience. Just ask a nurse.

It’s an emotional…and physical rollercoaster.
I’m hungry. Can you help me sit up? The remote isn’t working. Can you help take a shower? My neck hurts. Can you rub it? And just when you think you’ve heard it all…a patient boldly reminds you otherwise. Being a nurse requires empathetic patience…and lots of it. You must be quick on your feet and able to juggle each patient’s needs, while wearing multiple hats—all at the same time.

Death NEVER gets easier.
As a nurse, you invest so much into your patients. You build relationships and unique connections with them and with their loved ones. Yes, you provide care to them, but you also grow to care for them. This is why losing a patient never gets easier. It doesn’t matter if no suffering occurs and nothing else can be done, death holds heaviest on the hearts of the patient’s loved ones. How can you ignore their broken hearts? You can’t. Just ask a nurse.

Experience—the Greatest Teacher
You are going to have inspiring patients and extremely difficult patients, treatable patients and terminal patients, great days and terrible days. Like life, you can’t always control the cards you are dealt, however, you can control how you handle each and every situation.

What does it take to become a great nurse? This is an answer you won’t find inside the walls of a classroom—it comes with continued learning and experience. Just ask a nurse.

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