The word Trust written out in old letterpress printing blocks
PPR has a long history of creating the best customer experiences in the industry. This experience begins with our team of tenured employees, who are passionate, empathetic, and value-oriented. PPR professionals and clients learn quickly that these qualities permeate the entire organization. Representatives in payroll, quality management, housing, and human resources all pride themselves on creating a best-in-industry customer experience.

How has PPR been able to create this palatable differentiation? By creating a world class culture – PPR is one of only two organizations that have landed on the national list of America’s “Best Places to Work” for 13 consecutive years (and counting). In 2016, PPR was honored to be named the #7 Best Place to Work in America and  we were one of 35 companies in the world to be honored with the Gallup Great Workplace Award. This award was created to recognize organizations for their extraordinary ability to create engaged workplace cultures that drive business outcomes.

PPR extends this cultural phenomenon to their healthcare professionals and clients, quickly building trust and enduring relationships with long-tenured relationships that are filled with a great balance of fun, friendship, adventure, commitment, and professionalism.