Combine the Power of PRN and an MSP to Alleviate Staffing Pain Points

Think about your ideal one-stop shop. We’re not talking Walmart or Target, but a small curated shop of your favorite bread, cheeses, and meat, but also a place where you can mail a package, pick up a small gift for a friend, buy flowers for your home, and more. Maybe this shop can’t do it all, but you’d spend most of your time in this “dream shop” only exists in our dreams, however, when it comes to staffing this “dream shop” is not so different from having an MSP in the post-acute space.

As you may know there are many pain points in hospital staffing, and thus you’ve experienced how an MSP can address these issues in staffing a hospital setting. Moving on to the need for a more “curated shop” your facility may need to focus on PRN as a means of temporary staffing. When combined with an MSP, we can help alleviate some of the struggles your facility may face with PRN alone. Using both, your facility can secure nursing home healthcare professionals for a longer period of time rather than trying to staff day-to-day, which we know can be a hassle.

Just like with the “dream shop” we imagined, you can still maintain your local PRN relationships to supplement the MSP program that manages your long-term assignments (and go to the bigger store sometimes, too).

So, you have both your MSP through partnering with PPR VS and you have your PRN go-tos but what now. So, you have both an MSP, and you’ve been partnering with PPR Vendor Solutions, but what now?

First, our MSP partnership starts out by customizing the VMS process to meet the specifications of your vendor community (think: finding that perfect gift for a friend at the one-stop-shop). Because our process has customized solutions, we can create savings for you (just as you’d save on transportation costs of going store to store).

Next, candidates are sourced and screened for quality based solely on our client’s set requirements, providing another layer of quality control. It’s like having the perfect store employee help you select the correct amount of pasta for your dinner party!

Additional areas of results from this partnership may include being assignment heavy vs PRN heavy as more continuity of care for patients, ability to plan or forecast more effectively, soft cost of internal employee time savings and overall peace of mind of booking assignments you can ‘set it and forget it’ rather than day to day process of staffing PRN.

Going beyond our side of the partnership, PPR’s Vendor Solutions proprietary system, Beacon123, effectively manages the temporary placement of candidates in both acute and post-acute facilities through third party vendors. From sourcing to credentialing, Beacon carries the burden.

If using PRN for temporary staffing, seems too good to be true, like a boutique shopping experience, it’s not! Combined with an MSP, you’ve got the perfect shop and the employee to arrange your flowers, and hand over the freshest loaf of bread available.

Want to find out more how your facility can leverage the power of PRN with an MSP? Contact us today, we’re here to help!