Part 1: 3 Ways to Boost Candidate Quality

The single best way to ensure top patient care is to hire the right people into your organization. If you’ve found yourself in a hiring position then you know that it seems like a simple task in the beginning but can quickly spiral into an all-consuming, all hands type of mission. Having a high-quality pool of applicants to interview and choose from certainly eases the process because no one wants to be in the position of hiring just to fill an empty seat.

Consider these tips for taking the candidate quality level up a notch to hire your next rock star clinician.

Crystal-clear job description

Surprises aren’t fun when it comes to hiring. That’s why a clear job description detailing requirements such as education, experience, skills and attitudes necessary for someone to be successful will make the hiring (and onboarding) process go smoothly for both sides.

Follow up with references  
According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, more than eight out of ten human resource professionals said that they regularly conduct reference checks for professional job applicants. Spending the extra time to fully vet top applicants is well worth the investment long term.

Work with a dedicated partner

Considering the ebbs and flows of hiring, healthcare organizations will often contract with a Manager Service Provider (MSP) to alleviate the manual effort required to find and hire top talent. An MSP serves as an extension of your in-house HR team and has a wealth of industry experience that goes into creating that crystal-clear job description and then getting it in front of the right candidates through a vast network of partners. The credentialing, contracting and onboarding can also fall into an MSP’s court creating even greater opportunity for efficiencies and cost containment.

Want to know more about how a qualified MSP can fill your applicant pipeline with quality candidates and keep them onboard for the long term? Contact PPR today for more information.