Your Pain Points and How an MSP Can Help

Four ways an MSP alleviates pain points in healthcare organizations:

1. Pipeline of quality candidates
2. Optimal staffing strategies
3. Reduced exposure
4. Cost efficiencies

You might be under the impression that some level of pain just comes with the territory when it comes to healthcare. Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can alleviate some of the pain points of running an organization in the healthcare industry.

Pipeline of quality candidates
One of those pain points creeps up when positions are kept open for too long which can stem from an empty pipeline or lack of quality in those who are waiting in the wings. Fill rates are critical to permanent staff’s morale and patient care, so be sure to ask if an MSP has a carefully selected network of agencies that are vetted based on quality, compliance and ability to deliver the best candidates for your organization.

Optimal staffing strategies
An organization’s workforce is a significant investment in both time and resources, so ensuring that an appropriate spend is based on detailed analysis and proven efficiencies can be a much-needed lifeline on the journey to success. An MSP takes into account industry best practices and your business data to develop an optimal workforce strategy that meets specific organizational goals while providing another layer of quality control.

Reduced exposure
Healthcare is a high-risk industry. Well-thought policies and aptly trained staff can only go so far. An MSP can be the additional safeguard to increase transparency and mitigate certain risks intrinsic to hiring contingent and permanent staff members. Think of them like an extra security force when it comes to vendor insurance policies, background checks, credentialing and contracting making sure your t’s are crossed across the board.

Cost efficiencies
Keeping staffing processes together under the umbrella of a qualified MSP means the contracting, timekeeping, billing and reporting are under one roof with a single point of contact. An MSP saves an organization money by realized efficiencies and giving your staff back valuable time and resources to prioritize patient care and maintain the high level of standard you expect from your workforce.

There is a viable solution to the common pain points of managing a healthcare organization’s workforce. An MSP should be first on your list to call when evaluating next steps toward success because they can offer customized solutions that result in significant cost savings. Learn what sets PPR apart from other MSPs.