Build vs. Buy

build or buy-

Organizations face the “build vs buy” decision in multiple aspects of their businesses.

Should I expand into a new market segment or purchase a new company? Should I buy a new location or build my own site? Should I gain market share through building a more robust team or acquire a competitor?

Talent acquisition decisions are no different. Today the dialogue tends to revolve around whether I should outsource or insource. The truth is, developing an outsourcing partnership with an RPO provider can (and maybe even should) be part of your insourcing strategy.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) occurs when an organization outsources part or all of their recruitment process to an external source.

So how does outsourcing provide more control?

  1. An RPO partner brings additional expertise to the table that will help improve your internal processes while being accountable to you and your leadership team.
  2. Outsourcing allows you to redirect shared internal resources so you can focus on other areas of talent acquisition.
  3. RPO allows you and your leadership team to do a deeper dive into your organization which can help you to achieve your overall strategic vision and financial results
  4. RPO allows your team to be more effective, which can not only streamline your team but also ensure that they are all performing at the top of their capacity to improve results and employee satisfaction

You may feel that no one knows your organization better than you do. True, but utilizing an RPO provider is not about losing control, but gaining it.

Supercharge Your Insourcing Strategy with RPO!

Having an RPO partner as part of your insourcing strategy will only provide the initial efficiencies of reducing your costs, time to fill and expanding your market presence. In addition, the partner will help you improve your talent acquisition department and become part of your organization to assist process improvement for the long term.

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Trevor Strauss has over 10+ years of business development experience within the staffing industry. His career has spanned multiple industry verticals. He has developed and implemented staffing solutions ranging from single search needs to full outsourcing programs for organizations of all sizes.