Documentation for Dummies

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Documentation for travel professionals can seem never-ending—nursing licenses, physicals, certifications, driver’s licenses, I-9s, resumes, competency tests…and the list goes on. Not to mention — background checks, drug screens, OIG / EPLS reports, immunizations and the myriad of perpetual forms. Thankfully, there is an end in sight. Yes, we are talking about vendor management!

Solving Documentation Slowdowns

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Don’t let documentation drag you down…pass it on to a pro! Vendor managers are experts at solving slowdowns by gathering credentials from candidates with a turnaround time of about one week…talk about fast!

Documentation Accuracy without the Hassel

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Although saving time is extremely beneficial, accurate completion is of the utmost importance. Luckily, vendor managers get it! No hassles—no confusion. Just a simple procedure that ensures documentation is done right, on time and thoroughly.

Manage Credentialing with Vendor Solutions

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Stop worrying and wasting time on documentation. At PPR Vendor Solutions, we know how to get documentation done! Contact us today! Visit

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