One-Stop Shop


While hiring qualified candidates is extremely important, it is also crucial to remember that efficiency counts as well.

Many hospitals have turned to vendor manager providers in order to maintain staffing levels that boost patient satisfaction but add efficiency to the process. When a hospital deals with several staffing companies, hiring managers may be required to sift through several applications to find the best “fit” for the hospital. Then there is the issue of the business office personnel having to deal with multiple invoices and then having to cut checks to each company. Talk about inconvenience and time-consumption.

By choosing the “right” vendor manager, everyone benefits. Hiring managers are able to build a reliable relationship with a single point of contact who understand what’s required so the “right” candidates can be presented—rather than having to review lots of candidates that don’t meet the hospital’s needs. Time-consuming processes in the business office are reduced.

Everybody wins!

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